The network centers, data centers and areas of computer equipment and servers are places that store technology equipment that are under continuous operation, generally in information management. This means that their manufacture and structure must be reliable, versatile, suitable and safe for those who work there and for the equipment stored there.

Electricity is an indispensable resource within these sites so it is very important to control and reduce the possible risks and damages that may be involved, both to the people, and the equipment.

One way to do this is through the use of conductive vinyl flooring. Its conductive characteristics allows static electricity to be transported through the flooring system, thus avoiding possible electric shocks which can cause damage to the electronic and sensitive equipment found in these areas.

In addition to security, this conductive vinyl flooring in network centers, data centers and areas of computer equipment and servers, becomes an aesthetic ally as it allows optimal distribution of cables, ducts, air conditioning and other facilities that, in order to avoid accidents and inconveniences, should not be exposed to traffic.

Additionally they help to mitigate the noise and vibrations produced by rack fans, UPS or other sounds coming from the equipment vibrations.

These aspects make it essential to use conductive flooring in these places, since they provide greater security, endowing confidence for those who work there and for the information that is handled in these centers. The installation of the flooring must be done in a rigorous way, taking into account the resistance, modularity, impenetrability and leveling, among other aspects, in order to assure its optimum utility.

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