Hospital facilities, and especially critical areas such as surgery rooms, require the use of high-tech, resistance, and aseptic equipment able to take care of patients’ health while requiring the proper functioning and compliance with installations’ health standards.

 One of the spaces that require greater care since its construction are operating rooms since high-risk procedures are carried out there. Therefore, Conductive Floors in the operating rooms take on a fundamental role, since they contribute to the reduction of electric shocks and facilitate asepsis.

 In critical areas of hospitals, such as operating rooms, they should not have floors of any material, since the rules that govern and guarantee their operation require high-tech, resistant and antiseptic products that contribute to the proper functioning of the measure. That helps to protect the health of patients and medical personnel.

Hence the importance of using conductive floors in the operating rooms, as these are responsible for enabling fast and safe conduction of electrical charges, in addition to the fact that some have non-flammable characteristics, are water-resistant and have optimal components for antimicrobial protection.

 At IASS Ingeniería we have conductive floors from the Yola brand, which thanks to their components, not only attract electrical charges to route them away from people or sensitive electronic equipment, but also prevent the formation of germs and bacteria facilitating asepsis even in the most delicate areas.

If you want to know more about these conductive floors for surgery rooms and asepsis controls, protection, and comfort in your spaces, do not hesitate to contact us; At IASS Ingeniería we accompany you to guarantee compliance with the controls in your surgery room.