Infectious agents or pathogens—in many cases referred to as superbugs—are microorganisms that live in hospitals and take advantage of the weakness of people to invade their organism. These agents are found in the environment and dwell on high-touch surfaces, such as handrails, handles, knobs, earphones and controllers, among others. As a result, pathogen control must be a vital and rigorous activity within hospitals, since it is the only way to control these microorganisms and mitigate the contagion risks for patients. According to studies, healthcare-associated infections (HAI) affect 5 to 10% of patients and generate an average cost of USD 15,000 for hospitals per incident. Manual disinfection provides a cleaning effectiveness of less than 50%, as only 34% of high-touch surfaces are terminally cleaned; which means that after disinfection, most of the isolation rooms are still contaminated with dangerous pathogens, leaving a great risk in the environment for new patients, since it has been proven that patients who occupy rooms that previously hosted patients infected by these pathogens have a 73% greater risk of contracting a disease. That is why, Skytron, a leading brand in the development of innovative and flexible healthcare solutions, offers a full portfolio of automated UV-Robots that provide an intelligent and efficient disinfection in only one cycle. How does a Skytron disinfection UV-Robot work? It is necessary to clarify that these Robots do not replace the need to carefully clean the high-touch surfaces or floor mops, but they do attack bacteria on the surfaces in a radical, more diligent way than the cleaning crew does. UV-disinfection robots offer a UV-light disinfection system which is automated and easy-to-use. UV-light breaks cellular walls of viruses, bacteria and spores to deactivate their DNA and kill them in the air and on surfaces. Why to use UV-disinfection robots in hospitals?
  1. UV-disinfection robots automatically detect the size and characteristics of the room to calibrate the appropriate time of execution; which means that the disinfection treatments will always be complimented with a great quality performance.
  2. UV-disinfection robots allow for easier and more effective treatments. With quick disinfection in only one cycle, more germicide power is administered, more pathogens are eliminated, and surfaces are directly disinfected.
  3. Skytron UV-disinfection robots work with Steri-TrackTM , an automated documentation software that generates reports and real-time follow-ups to confirm compliance of planned protocols and of the required documentation.
At IASS Ingeniería, we are up to date with the technological developments in hospital infrastructure and we are authorized distributors of Skytron. If you would like to know more about these robots, do not hesitate to contact us.