Lighting is an elemental necessity for the operation of surgical areas and the success of the procedures performed there. Therefore, it must have the optimal conditions to carry out the corresponding tasks and contribute to a comfortable atmosphere for patients while guaranteeing efficiency in energy consumption.

The lighting in a surgery room is made up of a series of surgical lights that provide the medical team with bright and uniform lighting. Usually, located in the center of the operation table during any procedure for optimal visualization of the area.

These lights can be placed on the ceiling, on the wall or the floor, depending on the procedure and its model; besides, they must have a series of requirements for mobility and focus because they play an important role in illuminating the field of action during a medical procedure or surgical intervention.

However, beyond lighting in a surgery room, surgical lights must meet a series of requirements that allow them to remain functional for long hours without overheating the patient or medical personnel, thus helping to maintain balance in the entire surgical space.

At IASS Ingeniería we have Skytron surgical lamps, which have been developed to contribute to lighting in a surgery room and are designed to provide comfort and performance to medical personnel.

These lights feature flexible positioning and direct focus control, allowing sharp lighting with reliability, easy to use, and display precise detail without unnecessary hassle.

If you want to know more about the operation of these hospital lights, contact us; At IASS Ingeniería we are here to advise you in choosing the ideal surgical lamp for the lighting you need in your operating room.