Conductive vinyl floors in hospital areas are a fundamental element for electrical and biological patient safety because hospital rules concerning asepsis, electricity and static control demand it. This is because they help the good functioning of the equipment and contribute to patient and hospital personnel’s protection in critical areas.

 These floors, also named conductive vinyl, are used in critical areas thanks to the fact that their components not only attract an electric charge to root them far from people or sensitive electronic equipment, but they also prevent germs and bacteria from forming.

 Conductive vinyl floors are currently a substantial investment for any hospital, and that is why taking care of them requires special attention, because traces of tear and wear and dirtiness in the setting can blur the value and reduce performance.

 In taking care of them, performing maintenance becomes fundamental access for their functioning because if this maintenance is not performed correctly, hospital conductive vinyl floors will not work correctly either.

 This is why it is important to perform maintenance to assess different aspects like physical appearance and finishing, asepsis and a reduction of capacity to mitigate the triboelectric effect, among others, guaranteeing that the floor will preserve not only its physical state but also its conductive properties.

In critical areas in hospitals, not just any products should be used because the standards that rule and avail their functioning demand high-tech resistant or antiseptic products, which contribute to maintaining floor properties.

 Hence, conductive floor maintenance goes beyond simply eliminating loose dirt. It implies in-depth cleanliness which allows the elimination of germs and bacteria and maintains finishing and shininess without significantly altering the electrical resistance of your floors.

 At IASS Ingeniería, we take care of your conductive floor maintenance, so if you need to perform maintenance with excellent quality materials, leave it to the experts. Feel free to contact us.