Static electricity is a latent risk in critical hospital areas due to the permanent contact between teams and people in these spaces; For this reason, hospitals must comply with some regulations in order to avoid electric shocks that can cause accidents.

According to the standards, conductive vinyl flooring for hospitals is a great ally. These are a covering of conductive material in a place that serves as a means of an electrical connection between people and objects; in order to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges and to prevent static electricity from producing sparks that generate explosions or involuntary retractions of medical personnel.

These conductive floors should be especially in medical areas surrounded by grounded conductive surfaces; Where flammable anesthetic gases, flammable disinfectants are used and in the hyperbaric chambers, since it is in these places where the risk of serious injuries increases in the event of certain types of electrical failures.

Failures that can affect people’s health and even cause death, since the passage of electricity through the body can stimulate tissue, causing pain, involuntary muscle contractions or ventricular fibrillation; in addition to tissue necrosis due to heat and chemical imbalance.

With this in mind, conductive vinyl flooring for hospitals becomes vital. Its components allow for the conduction of electrostatic charges and reduce possible electric arcs that might initiate explosions, causing a malfunction of the electromedical equipment, discomfort to patients and medical personnel, offering protection to patients undergoing any type of procedure.

What makes conductive floors a great ally in critical hospital areas. Since thanks to this flooring protection can be provided to patients within medical facilities, because of their components not only attract electrical charges to route them away from people or equipment Sensitive electronics but also prevent the formation of germs and bacteria.

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