Skytron is a company committed to giving clinically superior equipment for our customers’ health; due to its commitment is positioned as one of the best within the health care market. Because of this, Skytron surgical tables are designed to manage the challenges of today’s Healthcare world. Increase efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring low expenses through the tables’ life span. Skytron Surgical Tables are the best illustration of top design; these tables were thought to satisfied clients’ needs. Besides, the tables’ maintenances are notably low. As well thanks to its design and characteristics, it provides efficiency, positioning options and security inside the surgical rooms. What Do Skytron surgical tables have to offer?
  1. Efficiency in image making Top slide tables permit the swift movement of the patient through the imaging window while top rotation tables allow access to either end of the table to accommodate C-arms and even legroom for seated surgeons. In addition, Skytron surgical tables feature a low-profile base that doesn’t impede imaging equipment or accessories and makes set-up quick and easy. Removable back and leg sections allow for additional positioning options, which contribute to greater flexibility and safety.
  2. Flexibility in surgical positioning Skytron surgical tables feature removable back and leg sections allow for additional positioning options, which contribute to greater flexibility and safety. In other words, with one of these tables, several procedures can be done. They also have a preprogrammed positioning option, which allows a quick configuration in any direction during the procedure, eliminating the need for manual maneuvers of the patient.
  3. Patient safety Unlike other surgical tables on the market, Skytron’s top rotation tables have tops that rotate independently of the table, which allows the surgical site to be turned to the side of the table without a base underneath, eliminating conflict with equipment and providing Greater surgical access.
This rotation allows the movement of the patient without unlocking the table, which implies that it will remain in place, thus eliminating the need for manual repositioning of the patient. Undoubtedly, Skytron surgical tables are a functional and practical element in any surgery room, since they can be combined with a large line of complementary accessories that allow the medical team to handle most procedures and specialties with ease: providing good positioning, efficiency, and unique safety. If you want to know more about the use of these tables and their versatility, do not hesitate to contact us, we have trained personnel to help you find the best option for your operating room.