Insulated power boards are power panels designed to provide power to different equipment without physical grounding. These devices have a wide variety of hospital applications, because they not only ensure the continuous operation of the equipment, but also eliminate the damage that can cause an electric shock to equipment and people.

These equipments, contribute to the control of the operation of medical equipment; since they allow to have a constant monitoring of the leakage currents in all the equipment that are fed from the dashboard and of the medical equipment used by the medical staff such as: life support equipment, surgical lamp, negatoscope, among others.

How do they do that?

The insulated energy panels have a remote annunciator that shows the status of the isolation monitor and notifies online if a fault occurs; which makes it indispensable in critical hospital areas where the assistance staff may not be present immediately, but has control of what happens through an annunciator installed remotely at a nearby nursing station.

The annunciator panel of the isolated power panels combines multiple remote units that allow monitoring of multiple isolated power panels from a central location; such as the basic dictation of the alarm, real-time THC, mute function, visualization of the system status and self-test functions, thus contributing to the greater control of the equipment.

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