Hospitals are constructions that call for several special requirements, since people’s lives are the priority there. One of those requirements concern power connections, since a failure in power supply, could mean the loss of human life.

For this reason, Isolated Power Systems for hospitals are a fundamental element for operations. The use of many power-fed vital equipments depends on them.

These systems allow the provision of electrical power to different hospital equipments that do not have a connection to ground, which helps reduce risk in case of an electrical discharge, and it ensures an uninterrupted power supply.

Thus, ensuring the operation of the equipments and the lives of those who depend on them. This is particularly relevant in critical and high risk areas; operating rooms, intensive care units, delivery rooms, hemodynamic units, among others.

Isolated Power Systems for hospitals, are without a doubt a delicate and important matter, and that is why, they must be installed and executed correctly to avoid risks, since they not only represent a need, but they must also abide by an international acknowledgement regulation that ensures its proper functioning and adequate construction, such as the UL1047. This standard describes in detail the conditions required to power critical areas inhealth care facilities, ensuring patient and medical personnel safety, as well as the protection of biomedical equipment.

The importance of these systems lies in the fact that they provide the necessary power for the operation of hospital equipment and that they protect people’s lives, by controlling electrical micro discharges or electrical microshocks. Additionally, they ensure the operation of equipment, whether there is a ground fault or damages within the system, which makes these systems a fundamental component in hospital critical areas to keep the electrical flow going and the network safe.

At IASS Ingeniería we have the support of PG LifeLink, and we offer our clients optional support by professionals who look after the optimum operation of our Isolated Power Systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us!