Operating Rooms are some of the most delicate spaces within hospitals; rigorous procedures are carried out in them, making them prone to infections which can put the lives of patients and medical personnel at risk.

That is why the design of operating rooms must meet various standards so as to order to ensure infrastructure quality and optimal functioning.

For example, there are standards in temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and control and retention of particles, hence the equipment used must meet certain conditions as the mere presence of a human can affect its running.

Lighting and asepsis are also fundamental aspects within the operating room infrastructure, and this is where clean room lamps become important: they comply with the UL 1598 Luminaire Standard and contribute to the control of microorganisms.

These lamps are designed specifically for clean rooms and are the ideal solution for lighting and cleaning. Their components and structure give the necessary light and they make cleaning easy, contributing to the control of any external contamination that may arise.

Additionally, clean room lamps minimize operational interruptions, consume less energy than other luminaires and require less maintenance, making them an excellent structural and economical alternative.

At Ingeaq we have different types of clean room lamps, so if you want to know the best alternative for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.