Today, infection prevention is one of the most important factors in controlling hospital expenses, since this is much easier to budget than an infection associated with generalized medical care, which is caused by harmful organisms and bacteria that remain on the surfaces of the patient and the operating room after traditional cleaning.

Skytron ultraviolet light disinfection robots were created to contribute to the extermination of these organisms and optimize hospital cleaning, thanks to the fact that they have technologies that allow automated ultraviolet light disinfection processes; which are more effective and faster.


What are the technologies of Skytron UVC disinfection robots?

Skytron disinfection robots integrate technologies that allow treatment throughout the room and can adjust the dose of UVC based on variables such as room size, design, furniture, and environmental characteristics.

Technologies that have earned US patents 8,455,832 and 8,841,634.

1. SmartDosage UV™ Technology

IPT’s SmartDosage UV technology removes the potential for under-dosing by automatically calculating the appropriate treatment run-time to ensure the correct application of UV energy for complete disinfection based on room conditions, humidity, configuration, and size. This fully automated, patent-pending technology removes human guesswork, ensuring proper UV dosage with every treatment.

2. Field Balance™ Technology

IPT’s patented Field Balance™ technology eliminates surface organisms by automatically accounting for in real-time the room’s dimensions, characteristics, and robot placement, and then intelligently calibrating how to deploy the available UVC energy in the most efficient manner, boosting UV power to areas in higher need and turning down others, to effectively disinfect direct, indirect and shadow surfaces in the shortest time.

3. PowerBoost UV™ Technology

Most UV light disinfection systems on the market are limited by the power available in the 20 amp circuits on which they must operate. This system delivers more power than any other UV robot available in the market because not only does it operate on a 20 amp circuit, but also we have developed patented PowerBoost UVTM  technology that incorporates portable power packs that significantly increases the total UV watts available for disinfection.

These three technologies combined make IPT robots the most effective UV light disinfection systems on the market, proven both in the lab and in real hospital environments. 

IPT UVC robots provide hospitals, nursing homes, and other critical care facilities with the assurance that dangerous pathogens such as Clostridium difficile (C. diff), Acinetobacter and MRSA among others are attacked before the next patient enters the room.

At IASS Ingeniería we are aware of the technological developments in hospital infrastructure and are official dealers of Skytron in Latin America, so if you want to know more about this robot, do not hesitate to contact us.