The critical hospital areas are environments with high electrical risks due to the equipment and procedures that are used there; therefore, the electromedical safety conditions need to be optimal and controlled.

Medical electrical equipment is provided with a single connection to a power source, no matter whether it is for diagnosing, treating, or managing a patient, or alleviating or compensating a disability, illness, or injury.

It is therefore imperative that spaces with electromedical equipment be safe and functional; especially when such equipment must be attached to the human body to carry out a procedure; at that moment, the tissues of the body are able to conduct electricity between two points of the body that are in contact with an electric field, so electrical safety becomes one of the key factors for the success of the procedure.

Conductive flooring becomes an invaluable tool in medical facilities, since thanks to their components, they facilitate the conduction of electrostatic charge that can be harmful to health at or during an intervention, and minimize possible electrical arcs that might cause fires and explosions if flammable anesthetics are used at the time of the intervention. Providing protection for patients, medical personnel, and electromedical equipment.

The use of conduction floors is often seen as a form of static control, known as ESD, for electrostatic discharge; it greatly improves safety and protects against the discharges caused by static electricity generated from low relative humidity. The earthing system works by attracting electrical charges, routing them away from people and sensitive electronic equipment, draining them through the conductive vinyl tile to a conductive adhesive, and then to a copper foil, which dissipates them in the ground.

Considering how important conductive floors are to ensure safety for medical electrical equipment, hospitals must take great care when choosing conductive vinyl for their facilities. It must meet minimum requirements that guarantee its quality.

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