In hospital environments, isolated power systems must be maintained annually, since these systems are often found in critical environments such as operating rooms, intensive care units, and emergency departments, where the protection of people and the provision of electricity are critical.

The NFPA 99 (Code of Medical Care Facilities), however, recommends conducting an annual inspection of insulation protection systems in order to verify that all of its parts are working properly, while also preventing accidents that may affect the health of those who frequent these facilities.

NFPA 99 stipulates that the annual maintenance of isolated power systems must be conducted by licensed and certified technicians who thoroughly inspect and test isolated energy equipment in order to ensure that the system complies with the standard stipulated in articles 6.3.2 and 6.3.3. For instance, conducting tests such as:

  • Simulations of line-to-ground faults
  • For analog LIMs, biannual
  • Calibration Verification for LIM
  • Verification of remote indicator alarms
  • Test for holding force
  • Electronic and physical reports are always available on the dashboard or isolation panel.

Shortly, the purpose of the annual maintenance of isolated power systems in hospitals is none other than to ensure the correct operation of the isolation boards, ensure their scope and protection to patients and medical personnel by avoiding future micro and macro shocks in critical zones.

This is why it must be done strictly and in accordance with the rules to create safe environments, avoid interruptions in the electrical network, mitigate wear and tear on the system equipment, and control the operation of the devices interconnected to isolated energy panels.

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