For electrical safety in the clinical sector, vinyl floors or conductive vinyl are a common and necessary practice, since they not only have antiseptic properties, but also help to route electrical charges away from people and equipment, making them a necessary practice in hospitals. 

¿When it comes to hospitals, how does conductive vinyl work?

By combining pvc with conductive particles, the pavement functions as an electrostatic discharge system; the conductive vinyls control the triboelectric charges generated by the electrostatic field generated by a dry environment and a conductor flowing through it. A conductive vinyl will discharge its energy when electrostatic discharge occurs, and the system will throw the energy into a previously installed ground line in order to dissipate the energy and prevent a discharge from occurring.

Since conductive floors are capable of controlling electrical charges, they are essential to facilities, which is why it is so vital to evaluate different aspects of the floor to ensure that not only its physical state, but also its properties are preserved.

  1. Appearance: conservation of its finish and shine.
  2. Asepsis: germs and bacteria are eliminated from surfaces.
  3. Resistance to electrical current: the ability to mitigate the effects of tribocharge.

Having such a good result ensures that conductive vinyl in hospitals operates properly, which requires more maintenance than simply removing dirt to keep its appearance clean; which implies a deep cleaning that eliminates germs while maintaining the finishes and shine without altering the electrical resistance of the conductive vinyl.

However, the evaluation of conductive vinyl in hospitals does not only depend on maintenance, but must be carried out from the moment it is purchased, as there are copies of Premium products that are similar, but have abysmal differences in guarantee, support and functionalities. Hence, the product quality and certificates must be validated from the beginning of the installation process. 

At IASS Engineering we have conductive vinyl floors from the Yola brand, with certified components that ensure electrostatic properties and prevent the formation of germs; If you want to know more about these conductive vinyls and guarantee asepsis, protection, and comfort in your hospital spaces, do not hesitate to contact us; We are with you at IASS Engineering to ensure compliance with your electrical system evaluation.