The UL1047 certification is a fundamental requirement for all sets of equipment that use insulating boards, especially isolated power boards that require high safety standards.

The UL1047 certification assures the safety of each member of the establishment, especially those patients who are supported by an electrical panel, through operations requiring isolated power in the health center:

  1. If it is intended for non-priority patient care areas in health centers that handle equipment with ratings of 600 Vac or less, according to the requirements of article 517 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, and Standard for Health Care Installations, NFPA 99.
  2.  Dedicated power spaces to power high-impact and low-impact patient-used devices that are grounded to reduce voltage stress, either partially or permanently wired.

UL 1047 certification is required for all insulated power boards used to operate    properly in order to save, support, or protect a patient’s life.

As part of the UL 1047 certification, each assembly of isolated power panels, such as the transformer, isolation monitor, electrical panel, isolation transformer, load center, and other components, must function properly.

UL certification ensures that insulation panel equipment, whether operated together or separately, is safe and functions in a manner appropriate for the electrical safety of those exposed to it.

Are you familiar with the characteristics of the UL 1047-certified Insulation Boards?

  •  Top and bottom covers are removable, with knockouts of  ½” and ¾” to facilitate assembly.
  •  Cold rolled steel protection board electrostatically painted and treated against corrosion.
  • Molded case primary circuit breaker, with selectivity to prevent accidental tripping due to faults in secondary circuits.
  • Eight 20-ampere two-pole circuit breakers for independent circuits.
  • Expansion capability up to 16 two-pole breakers in the panel (8 in addition to those supplied).
  • The panel can either be mounted on a wall or a pedestal, depending on what installation requirements the panel needs to meet.
  • Internal grounding bar for system circuits and redundant and impedance induction protection grounds.
  • NEMA 1 protection grade panelboard.
  • For improved aseptic conditions and presentation, the front cover is stainless steel.

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