Isolated power systems prevent the exposure of healthcare professionals and patients to electrical medical devices that can malfunction at any time.

It is imperative to have a power system that meets the required standards,since it covers important areas such as operating rooms, intensive care, and rooms where anesthetics or other flammable elements are handled. By doing so, micro discharges during medical procedures and explosions will be prevented.

Providing the required care requires that the power supply equipment is specially designed to adapt to the hospital infrastructure and be approved by the regulatory bodies.

Benefits of having an isolated power system in a hospital:

    • Continuous protection of the patient and medical personnel against electrical failures or electricity leaks that may occur in critical areas where connected medical devices for health care are located.
    • Continuity of service in the event of a ground fault on the part of the equipment or distribution wiring. Isolated power systems will continue to provide power and safeguard the life of the patient by containing the leakage current; without tripping protections as in the case of differential taps or GFCI (IGround Fault Current Switch) which would leave without energy the vital sport equipment. Each hospital must have insulation boards to provide electricity to electromedical equipment, in order to minimize the risk to the patient.
  • Constant monitoring of leakage currents in the entire electrical system that is fed from the isolated power system to the medical equipment used by the surgeon, such as life support equipment, surgical lights, negatoscopes, etc.

Under this scenario, it is important to consider measures that can minimize the risk when a patient is treated with medical devices that depend on electricity for their operation. From there the importance of having an isolated power energy system.

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