We rely on a portfolio of robots UVC of the brand Skytron, that they share the same intelligent DNA to satisfy all the needs and all the budgets.

Thanks to his effective disinfections of an alone cycle in the whole room, Skytron UV offers more power and efficiency, assuring the disinfection thoroughly and increasing the productivity of the flow of work of the personnel.

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Robot IPT 1140 Sentry

Delivers a strong germicidal UVC dose in an affordable and very portable package. Ideal for many appliding assisted living and extended care facilities.cations inclued.

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Robot IPT 2280 Syndicate

Syndicate is a paired system specifically designed to work in tandem to emit industry leading UVC energy with the versatility of a dual-emitter platform.

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Robot IPT 3200 Max

Is the most powerful UVC light disinfection system in the world with its PowerBoost UV™ technology. Ideal for health care facilities requiring maximum disinfection in the least amount of time.

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