Surgical tables are a crucial component within surgical procedures; as the correct positioning of the patient, which is conditioned by both the type of procedure and vital functions such as breathing and circulation, depend on this element. Besides, tables must protect the patient from vascular and nerve injuries, and muscle tension throughout the body.

Therefore, aspects like the path chosen by the surgeon to perform the procedure and the anesthesia administration method, in addition to factors such as age, height, weight, cardiopulmonary status, and past illnesses, among others must be considered when selecting a surgical table.

These factors make positioning of patients in the surgical table not as simple as it might seem, which is why doing it correctly is as important in surgical procedures as pre and post-operative care. Accordingly, the following aspects must be considered.  

  1. Correct body positions.
  2. Functionalities of the operating table
  3. Protective measures
  4. Always having the equipment prepared for different positions
  5. Knowing how to use the equipment.

These aspects require knowledge and practice, however having the proper table for each procedure, makes it easier to control them, contributing to the proper care and safety of patients in the operating room and creating a favorable environment for the development of surgery.

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