Technological advances have brought with them a series of medical equipment that have become allies when it comes to diagnosis. Examples of this are laser and X-ray equipment which, since their invention have had an increase in demand, becoming the most used equipment inside the hospital sector.

The increased use of this equipment in hospitals has in turn increased the demand for energy to power it, so it is important to have the right system to solve energy supply problems and reduce risks.

Radiation and electric shocks are some of the greatest risks for patients, staff and equipment within X-ray rooms. This is why we must be very careful with the energy supply within them and avoid accidents that endanger lives and equipment, such as a disconnection before finalizing the procedure.

One of the recommendations is to make use of Isolated Power Panels for laser or X-ray equipment in critical areas. These panels are designed to guarantee the safety of patients, medical equipment and areas where procedures are performed with X-ray and laser equipment, such as hemodynamic rooms, operating theatres or ICU’s with portable X-ray machines, as they improve the quality of energy supply, reducing the inconvenience of maintenance and programming of the equipment.

These isolated panels for laser and/or X-ray equipment have a system that allows for energy to be supplied to the areas that require it from a single point. This means that several machines can be connected through additional circuits, thus offering simultaneous control of the connected equipment from the same operating room.

Isolated Power Panels for laser and/or X-ray equipment have become an excellent alternative for electrical safety in the places that require the use of these apparatuses.

If you want to know more about the use of Isolated Power Panels for laser and/or X-ray equipment inside hospitals, please do not hesitate to contact us. At IASS Ingeniería we have personnel trained in consultancy who can assist with the installation and operation of the panels.