Health and Safety are crucial for hospitals, since they derive in the compliance of certain norms that are crucial for their operation. This compliance must be taken with responsibility and commitment, since the lives of many people depend on it.

With this in mind, each part of the construction is crucial, and that is where flooring becomes a key player, and where conductive or antistatic vinyl flooring becomes fundamental in different critical areas or units.

The reason for this is that not any type of flooring materials can be used in critical areas in hospitals. There are regulations that dictate and warrant hospital operations and demand hi-tech products, that are resistant or antiseptic and that contribute to a proper operation, as well as to the health and protection of patients, doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel.

That is why conductive vinyl flooring for hospitals is a great ally. Its components allow for the conduction of electrostatic charges and reduce possible electric arcs that might initiate explosions (NFPA 99), causing a malfunction of the electromedical equipment, discomfort to patients and medical personnel, offering protection to patients undergoing any type of procedure.

This type of flooring, also known as conductive vinyl, is used in health care facilities because its components not only attract electrical charges, steering them away from people and sensitive electronic equipment, but also prevent the formation of germs and bacteria, since they foster asepsis even in the most delicate areas. Because of this, according to ISO 14644-1, these vinyl flooring is classified as ISO Class 4.

Without a doubt, this vinyl flooring is a great option for any critical area in hospitals, offering great benefits, such as: resistance, no contamination, esthetics, easy installation, easy maintenance, constant conductivity, stability, reduction of noise levels and vibrations (such as those caused by resonators) and resistance to chemicals.

These benefits make conductive vinyl flooring for hospitals the best option. Ideal for: clinical labs, server rooms, mixing centers, data centers, cleanrooms, test labs and electronic equipment calibration labs, operating rooms, electronic manufacturing, MRI Suites rooms, X-Ray rooms, R&D labs, network operating centers, among others.

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