We have a variety of surgical tables, designed to handle almost any procedure or specialty, which allow flexibility and have great weight support, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving patient safety.

These tables make imaging more efficient and facilitate access to the surgeon. Optimizing the procedures in this way.

We count on the support of Skytron brand leader in the market, thanks to its developments in the upper slide and the top rotation.

Hercules surgical table

The 6702 Hercules surgical table provides up to 210° top rotation, allowing you to easily maneuver your patient according to imaging requirements, anesthesia access and positioning preferences.

This rotation eliminates the need to reverse the patient on the table, thereby improving patient and staff safety in the OR. Unlike other rotation tables available in today’s market, the 6702’s surface turns independently of the table base, giving you maximum foot room and imaging access.


  • 210° top rotation
  • 1,200 lb lift and 1,000 lb articulation weight capacity
  • Removable back and leg sections simplify accessory setup
  • Power beach chair positioner allows for automatic, one-touch setup of shoulder procedures
  • Table height adjustable from 23-5/8” to 41-1/2”
  • Low table height allows surgical team to comfortably operate at waist height on bariatric patients
  • Slim-profile based will not conflict with imaging equipment
  • 30° lateral tilt, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
  • Pendant control is durable and features an inexpensive rebuild program that eliminates the need for costly replacement

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Ultraslide Surgical Table

This surgical table, allows the full picture of a body with only one button.

It has 23 top sliders, which allows the patient to be moved effortlessly from its remote control.

It also has the ability to lift up to 1.000 pounds, making it an ideal solution for bariatric cases.


  • Offers the largest slide on the market: 23”
  • Lifting of 1.000 pounds 800 pounds of joint weight capacity
  • The joint weight capacity does not condition the top slide
  • Top slide 9-1/2”
  • Lower slide 13-1/2
  • Rear and detachable leg sections
  • Beach seat positioner Power, allows the automatic configuration of a single touch
  • Adjustable height 24-3/8” to 43-1/4”
  • The low table height allows to operate at waist height on bariatric patients
  • Lateral tilt 30 ۦ and reverse.

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Surgical table of Rotating Ceiling

This Surgical Table provides 180 degrees of superior rotation, allowing you to reach a comfortable angle of surgery and imagy.

It is an ideal solution for versatile operating rooms and surgical centers, since it offers different accommodation options, which make it suitable for different specialties.


  • Top Rotation 180 °
  • Joint and support up to 500 pounds
  • Includes back position 90°
  • Adjustable height 27-3/16 ” – 40-15/16
  • Side incline 23°> front and reverse 28°

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Surgical Table Accesories

Our vast selection of accessories and positioning devices address a broad spectrum of clinical needs.

When the right accessories are combined with your Skytron surgical table, your OR will be equipped to handle nearly any procedure. Skytron partners with a number of best-in-class accessory suppliers, meaning that our menu presents the market’s leading devices. We carefully research and select each new accessory, allowing our customers to choose from the highest quality products available in today’s industry.

Each of our accessories is also supported with full replacement part availability. Rest assured that your Skytron table accessories will deliver the positioning flexibility, efficient set-up and reliable performance that you need.

By clicking below, you can learn about just a sampling of the table accessory options that we have available. Don’t forget to check out our Table Accessory brochure to view the remainder of available options.

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