We are specialists in the implementation of hospital electrical systems

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Design of Power Networks

In IASS Ingeniería we have a team of qualified professionals to support our customers in developing their building projects, making sure the electrical system is functional structures, optimal quality and low the latest trends in electrical design.

Our advice and continuous support searches from the beginning of the project the electrical infrastructure of a building avails itself of the current national regulations (Retie, RETILAP, NTC2050, NSR 2010) and is projected under a model that considers not only technical but economic parameters and environmental to ensure the efficient use of energy.

Our experience allows us to offer advice to different economic sectors:

  • Design of Industrial Electric Systems, Commercial and Residential
  • Isolated Power Systems – See PG Lifelink

Construction of Electric Networks

With thoroughness and high quality standards we support our customers in the implementation phase of projects, independently they have been designed by IASS Ingeniería or by an external agent Electrical Systems.

We made sure to oversee the installation and development of projects under a proper procedure to keep a balance between excellence, economic investment and regulations.

The experience and quality practices that characterizes us makes us specialists in the construction of hospital electrical systems and/or high reliability.

Advice and Accompaniment

In our company we have a qualified and experienced personnel who are willing to accompany and advise in the development of their projects, ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of electrical infrastructure, the precise focus of resources and ensuring that quality results are obtained.

As part of our focus and commitment to providing solutions for the efficient management of electrical systems offer the following services:

  • Auditing
  • Technical analysis studies variables and taking action

Support and Maintenance

We have a technical team supported by professionals who specialize in the design and implementation of projects of hospital electrical infrastructure, which enables us to support our customers in the installation process, verification and / or repair of isolated power systems.

We are committed to safety and quality, so we ensure that our customers meet the technical requirements and regulations necessary for the proper operation of their electrical systems.

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) states that it is necessary to test the power system isolation, therefore it is important to consider the requirements of the NTC Articles 517, 160 and NFPA-99 on those established criteria to install, implement and test operation of the hospital’s electrical system. Within these regulatory parameters we can include:

  • Reading monitor failure and the current total risk
  • Measurement of line impedance grounding
  • Verification line isolation and alarm set point monitor
  • Remote operation check monitor
  • Impedance measurement grounding receptacle
  • Voltage measurement contact surfaces adjacent conductive patients
  • Test Report and Registration