The board Isolated Power enables the provision of energy to different hospital equipment without physical grounding, reducing the risks if an electric shock is present and ensuring that the power supply remains uninterrupted.

This board has the elements of a system of isolated power: transformer shielded insulation, insulation monitor line, panel switches and ground bus, ideal and indispensable for critical areas or spaces that do not tolerate the disruption of electricity .

Accompanying our expert staff and correct implementation of this product are part of our concern for the health sector entities benefiting from the RETIE standard ensuring the safety of patients and medical staff, as well as the protection of biomedical equipment .

Backed by PG LifeLink and our experience in marketing boards Isolated Energy allows us to offer a quality product, latest technology and with a 5 years warranty. We also offer to our customers the possibility of having the support of professionals to ensure optimum performance of the product.

IDP insulation board

IDP insulation board is the basic set of a power system isolated power. It is made up transformer Armored Isolation, Line Isolation Monitor Panel Switches, Bus Earth and Envelope.

This board is ideal for providing security and stability in operating rooms, areas known as “wet” and / or any hospital area that does not tolerate power outage.

With the support of our professionals and support of PG LifeLink we can provide health sector entities a quality product, latest technology and with a 5 years warranty which will help in its efforts to benefit from the RETIE standard.


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IDC insulation board

IDC insulation board contains all the basic elements of IDP insulation board and additionally has power receptacles, receptacles land in one panel and front cover.

The additional composition of this board receptacles force and land make it the appropriate power system to be used in areas of intensive care, coronary care units, recovery areas and in areas of anesthesia.

Our experience in implementing systems Isolated Power in health sector entities and support of PG Life Link allows us to provide specialized equipment and deliver quality products to ensure the safety of patients and the necessary conditions for the team doctor develops a better job.


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DIDP insulation board Duplex

DIDP insulation board Duplex or Two in One, contains two separate isolated power systems in the same envelope. In some cases this simplifies installation panel, improving the space and provides 32 isolated circuits to the same room. Internally it has a separation barrier that allows normal feeding systems and emergency for a single room.

In Ingeaq we have the support of PG Life Link to provide a quality product with the latest technology and a 5 year warranty. We also offer our customers the support of a team of professionals who ensure proper installation and operation of equipment.

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XTLD insulation board

XTLD insulation board contains a transformer with a single primary input and results in two secondary. Each one has different output voltage.

The configuration of this board provides 16 independent circuits for 120V and 1 or 2 circuits of 208 or 240V ideal for consumer equipment such as laser equipment or RX used in the sameroom.

Our experience allows us to counsel our clients in developing their electrical infrastructure projects hospital and make available a team of professionals that ensure optimum performance of Dual Voltage Insulation Board.

We have the support of PG LifeLink to provide the appropriate equipment to ensure the safety of their patients and enable RETIE meet standards.

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