Watches and digital watches that we offer to our customers have features that allow you to stand out against other products on the market and make them the first choice for those hospital entities seeking quality, high technology, and seek to facilitate the work of their medical equipment:

  • The size of the numbers on the digital display are about 6 centimeters, 170 larger than other boards%.
  • The digital display projects the numbers in bright red allowing the visibility of the number up  three times more distance than other watches.

Our Boards & Timers Digital easier to read the digits in operating rooms or separate rooms to light levels that are managed, avoiding stress, fatigue and visual distraction  of emergency medical equipment.

In addition to the above advantages, Ingeaq has the support of PG Lifelink for marketing the product, provides the accompaniment of professionals who ensure the proper functioning of the boards and digital clocks, and offers a 5 year warranty to its customers.


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