Due to the need to use various electrical equipment in hospitals during procedures on patients and to monitor their health, it is imperative to implement isolation boards. These boards protect the patient’s life by preventing dangerous currents that could cause electrocution.

Isolation boards protect patients in areas such as:

  • Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)
  • Operating Rooms
  • Cardiac Procedure Rooms
  • Cardiovascular Laboratories
  • Delivery Rooms

One insulation board should be installed for each hospital bed. For example, if there are five beds available in an ICU, five insulation boards should be installed to control all the life-sustaining medical devices. However, it should be done with an economic balance according to the region, always understanding that the best option will be one insulation board per bed.

Some criteria to consider when carry out a correct installation of the insulation boards are:

  • Use orange wire for line #1
  • Use brown wire for line #2
  • Use a green wire for ground
  • DO NOT use isolated three-phase systems for critical hospital areas.
  • In addition to the type of wiring, the NOM-001-SEDE-2012 standard indicates that a digital and analog-only leakage current meter is required for smart rooms with diagnostic imaging equipment, as well as an audible alarm.

It is important to keep in mind that, since this is an isolated electrical system and to guarantee ground redundancy for patient safety, the pipes must be metallic.

Al install insulation boards, there are several precautions and care that you should take into account. Below are some important pre-installations and care measures:

  • Choosing the right board:

You must be sure to select the type of insulation board suitable for the specific application. Do not use insulation boards for mining or industrial purposes other than hospital areas.

  • Safe handling:

Insulation boards must have elements approved for cleaning in hospital areas and finishes of its stainless steel front elements.

Standard compliance:They must demonstrate their international certificationUL 1047.

  • Adequate ventilation: The insulation board must have adequate space to dissipate temperature produced by the isolation transformer and its enclosure must comply with the respective UL (a small insulation board is an indication of its lack of adequate regulations.

It is important to follow the recommendations of the insulation board manufacturer and comply with rules and regulations. At IASS INGENIERÍA we comply with all national and international standards, so we can provide you with the appropriate advice for the installation of insulation boards.CONTACT US!