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High-Level Disinfection

 At IASS Ingeniería, we carry out intelligent disinfections with Skytron’s ITP UVC Disinfection Robot, which provides an automated and easy-to-use UV light disinfection system. Ultraviolet light breaks down the cell walls of viruses, bacteria, and spores to deactivate their DNA and kill them in the air and surfaces.

  • Smart: Robots work alone in the room. With open cabinets, drawers, curtains, and hallway doors closed.
  • Powerful:  A service IASS technician Engineering can use a handheld computer to control the robot remotely.
  • Automated: The Robot kills germs and shuts down once its sensors have registered the set amounts of UV rays.

In addition to this robot, among our solutions, you can find different UVC disinfection robots that will allow you to have germ-free rooms, according to your needs.

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