The use of isolated energy boards for hospitals is a mandatory measure stipulated in the RETIE (Technical Regulation for Electrical Installations). This normative consists of using isolated power devices for operating rooms or neonatology; as well as intensive care units, special care units, coronary care units, delivery rooms, cardiac catheterization laboratories, intracardiac procedure rooms, areas where anesthetics flammable are handled, and any area where a patient is connected to any equipment that can introduce leakage currents into his body.

This, to avoid currents that can expose patients and clinical staff to electric shocks, which can produce from internal burns to even death. For this reason, isolated energy boards for hospitals have become essential, since they are crucial tools to have control over these currents.

Insulation boards allow powering all the equipment used in medical rooms, enabling the distribution of electrical energy safely in critical areas while enabling:

  1. Patients and medical personnel protection against leakage currents that electrical installations can experience in critical areas.
  2. Continuity of service in the event of an electrical failure, without putting the patient at risk.
  3. Constant monitoring of leakage currents in the electrical system that is fed from the isolation panel and medical equipment such as; life support equipment, surgical lamp, negatoscope, among others.

Undoubtedly, beyond a certification, isolated energy boards for hospitals are an ally in medical care, since they are designed to reduce the risks of electrocution, in case of failures in the electrical system.

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