The growth of electrical systems has also resulted in the increase of failures and accidents of electrical origin. This has caused the issue of quality and safety in installations to become a matter of concern for the Government, the Universities and the companies within this sector.

That is why technical normative documents have been created and the Technical Regulation of Electrical Installations has been instituted. Starting from its last update in 2013, this Regulation establishes the relevant measures for the construction of electrical systems, aiming to guarantee the safety of people and the conservation of the environment by preventing, minimizing or eliminating electrically originated risks.

With each passing day, critical hospital areas depend more on the use of electrical energy, as there are many pieces of equipment that feed from it. This causes the regulation (RETIE – Technical Regulations for Electrical Installations) to confer very special treatment to these areas by specifying mandatory requirements, aimed at implementing every necessary measure to prevent and solve electrical problems.

This regulation demands the implementation of isolated power systems that guarantee the safety of the electrical installations by means of a correct functioning, as well as the reliability, quality and adequate use of products and equipment. That is to say, the regulation sets the minimum safety parameters for electrical installations.

Each electrical installation must be certified by an inspection body. In case the facility does not meet the criteria, whether due to its structure or the products used, the inspection body will not certify the project and, therefore, the network operator will not legalize it or the local health department will not authorize it for medical use, generating economic losses.

For all of the above, it is of utmost importance to have certified products and personnel for the installation, thus guaranteeing the correct functioning of the electrical systems and the observance of the normative.

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