Hospital facilities are spaces that need a high level of asepsis to guarantee the recovery and care of patients. Without high-level disinfection practices in hospitals, these spaces can become a risk for people due to the harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can accumulate there.

Yet, these high-level disinfection processes in hospitals do not have to be an arduous and complicated task for cleaning personnel, since there are fast and efficient UVC disinfection robots,  able to eliminate more bacteria than manual disinfection while using less time.

These robots integrate technologies that allow them to attack dark areas where many harmful microorganisms, easily replicate since they are often ignored by traditional disinfection equipment.

Robots for high-level disinfection in hospitals, deactivate these microorganisms throughout UV light which damages their nucleic acids. Permitting complete sterilization of a room in a few minutes.

However, this technology is not only useful in hospitals and medical wards; Since disinfection by UV rays can affect vehicles such as ambulances and medical helicopters and spaces such as nursing homes, biohazard areas, kindergartens, commercial premises, restaurants, offices, and even our homes.

UV rays are harmful to microorganisms, but with the necessary measures, they are harmless to people; which should not enter the room while the UVC disinfection robot is operating.

Besides, the robot has track movement functions and thus turn itself off if any activity is detected, in order not to affect those who are nearby while professionals carried out the disinfection process.

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