The world generates more waste every day and hospitals and medical centers are no exceptions. A large hospital can generate up to a ton of waste per day; which can be infectious, contain toxic chemicals and present all kinds of contamination risks for both people and the environment.

For patients to be treated and recover in a healthy environment, these wastes must be disposed of safely. However, it is not always easy to choose the right method to break down different types of residues respecting the relevant concerns.

Because of this, incineration has established itself as the most convenient and effective process for medical waste disposal, since it is a process that allows the burning of waste and prevents infectious agents from continuing reproducing themselves.

In IASS Ingeniería we worried about contributing facility means and efficient incineration processes in the hospital sector. Therefore, as part of our product portfolio, we have the MediBurn medical waste incinerator which is environmentally safe, compact, portable and easy to operate.

MediBurn incinerates anything from laboratory waste to animal remains with clean emissions. The small size of the incinerators makes it easy to install in facilities with limited space. Its portability and simple installation offer flexibility to be relocated.

  1. How much medical waste can you burn? The MediBurn20 disposes of up to  50 lb / h (20 kg / h) and the larger MediBurn30 can destroy approximately 75 lb / h (30 kg / h).
  2. What temperature does the unit reach? MediBurn incinerates medical waste at 1,900F (1,000C) and can reach temperatures above 2,200F (1,250C).
  3. What electrical connection is required? To operate your MediBurn, you will need a 220v single phase power connection. It can work with 50 or 60H; it also requires diesel fuel for its operation.

Mediburn is a piece of excellent equipment for medical waste disposal as it offers burners modulators and technology under the air as well as electronic controls that make it safer and easy to control. If you are interested in this equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. In IASS Ingeniería we have personal staff to meet your needs.