Daily, humans are affected by pathogens that reproduce easily and can affect our health; These pathogens are biological pollutants made up of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses or fungi) that may be present as suspended particles in the air inside a building and which, when breathed by humans, alter their immune system.

By being in contact with the air we breathe, these microorganisms can modify the genes that increase their virulence or overtake the defenses of those who inhabit the same space, increasing the risk of contracting infections.

Immunosuppressed patients; people who due to their disease (dangerous or liquid tumors, among others) are the most vulnerable people to acquire serious infections caused by these pathogens. As well people that are being treated with treatments (such as, chemotherapy or radiotherapy) .suffer alterations in their immune system as well as newborns, elderly people, and others.

How can pathogens be controlled?

High-level disinfection in homes allows microorganisms to be exterminated as well as a 99% control of the spread of pathogens in the environment; Resulting in a clean, quiet, and safe space for the whole family in a few minutes.

This disinfection is carried out through a UVC disinfection robot, which provides an automated and easy-to-use UV disinfection system. Ultraviolet light breaks the cell walls of viruses, bacteria, and spores to deactivate their normal DNA and kill them in the air, on surfaces or inactivate their reproduction; Achieving with it better protection, without the need of much human effort. That is to say, it allows people to effectively clean and therefore having more security and eliminate microorganisms effectively.

It is important to clarify that these Robots do not replace the need to clean high contact areas or floor mops, but they do attack bacteria on surfaces radically and more diligently than traditional cleaning.

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