Hospital infections are caused when patients are exposed to different dangerous agents that can infect patients directly via physical contact or by the surfaces of a room including bed rails, faucet handles, and remote controls, among others.

Thus, cleaning a hospital room quickly when patients are moved is essential for any hospital, which is why there is a variety of methods available to do so.  One of them is UV light disinfection. It is a process used to treat hospital rooms and other environments such as ambulances and ORs. This process exposes the place to UV rays which destroy germs to prevent the development and the spread of infections acquired as a result of health conditions or caused by a series of dangerous potentially lethal pathogens.

 Hence, Infection Prevention Technologies has developed the next generation of UV light disinfection. The most powerful UV robot in the world, which allows the swift simple cleaning of a room. It has increased power that allows it to go beyond UV light disinfection capabilities and software that allows it to provide automated dosing, which provides more sophisticated efficient solutions to prevent infections.

 This robot allows personnel to disinfect any place in a hospital intelligently, as it provides an automated ultraviolet light disinfection system that is efficient and the easiest to use in the world.

 Its SmartDosage UV ™ patented technology incorporates algorithms that automatically adjust the UVC dosage and treatment time as the robot works, guaranteeing a completely effective treatment, regardless of variables such as room size, distribution, furniture, and environmental characteristics.

 This allows hospitals to obtain greater protection without a great deal of human effort; in other words, it allows efficient cleaning, offering patients more safety, and eliminating microorganisms effectively. 

 At IASS Ingeniería, we are aware of technological developments in hospital infrastructure, so if you wish to know more about this robot, please do not hesitate to contact us.