The conductive vinyl is used as a form of static control, known as ESD for electrostatic discharge. The conductive vinyl attracts electric charges, routing them away from people or sensitive electronic equipment. The charge is drained through the conductive vinyl tile to a conductive adhesive, and thence to a copper foil, which dissipates into the ground and through the grounding system. The conductive vinyl is widely used in the facilities of clinical and hospital sector, thanks to its components facilitate the conduct of electrostatic charges that can cause damage to health at the time of surgery and minimize possible arcing initiate explosions of Similarly protects sensitive electronic equipment what is very common in the areas of healthcare, data centers, among others.

Prevention of infections contracted in hospitals is a primary objective for the health sector. The WHITE AND ASSOCIATED CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS ROOMS are classified by ISO14644-1 which classifies air purity in controlled environments, therefore, should be able to keep the airborne particle contamination according to the required levels. The construction and use of cleanroom design have the first fruits of the NO introduction, production and retention of particles inside the room. The rooms are rated from 1 to 9 according to ISO ISO having 1 as the scale of greater demand in clean and ISO classification 9 as less demanding environments. This classification defines the limits of concentration of particles (particles / m3 of air per size). In healthcare, ISO 5 is normally mandatory maximum classification, which is used for most areas where there is a very high risk of infection; Static vinyl ISO 4 Smart is what allows us to be even above the requirement of the area.

Not only vinyl tiles are important, the products used to glue them so, therefore was created “Shaw” by Static Smart, acrylic emulsion adhesive quality that combines the performance of an adhesive release, with conductive properties created Fibrelink patented high technology to create a flexible electrical ground plane underneath tiles static control. Additionally, the adhesive is non-flammable Shaw, waterproof features and contains Microban® antimicrobial protection.


  • Laboratorios clínicos

  • Clinical Laboratories

  •  Mixing plants

  • Data centers

  • Cleanrooms

  • Laboratories testing and calibration of electronic equipment

  •  Operating Rooms

  • Electronic Manufacturing

  • Rooms RX / RX rooms

  • Network Operations Centers

  • Meeting magnetic resonance imaging MRI Suites

  • Salas research and development / R & D labs

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