In hospitals, floors are also protagonists in patient care and the work of medical personnel. The main lining of hospital and clinical areas are vinyl floors or antistatic floors.

Conductive flooring (vinyl, laminate, rubber, epoxy flooring, among others) offer advantages needed by healthcare infrastructure. The constant need for cleaning and the high traffic of people are some of the factors that must be considered during the conductive floor covering.

Choosing an inappropriate floor for each environment in the hospital can compromise the health of patients. Aspects to consider:

Hospital floor cleaning:

A high risk of infections is handled in hospitals, in operating rooms, laboratories, antiseptic rooms, etc. That is why hygiene and cleanliness must be strict.

The monolithic conductive vinyl floors ensure easy and quick cleaning, since the joints are fused with the weld seam, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that cause infections. It prevents the accumulation of dirt and guarantees the health and well-being of patients and medical personnel.

High resistance:

The operation of the hospitals is constant, 24 hours, seven days a week. Therefore it is important to select a conductive floor that has a material that is resistant to heavy traffic and rolling loads, and most importantly does not require extensive maintenance procedures.

In areas of intense and critical traffic, a floor with high resistance should be selected, whose roll amendments remain intact for several years. In healthcare areas, the floor must be particularly resistant to stains and chemicals, as well as heavy medical equipment.

Control of electrostatic charges:

Electrostatic discharges are the cause of serious damage to medical devices used in surgical rooms, recovery rooms, intensive care, among others, in addition to involuntary movements by medical personnel at the time the discharge occurs. These areas demand flooring with the ability to rapidly evacuate electricity.

Conductive floors must have the qualities to handle this type of situation without neglecting easy and quick maintenance and cleaning.

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