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30 03, 2021

How does the quality of an operating table affect surgical procedures?

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The quality of the elements that make up a surgery room play one of the most important roles for patients' safety. Elements so important such as current anesthesia machines, surveillance systems, and patient monitoring, as well as operating tables, electrocautery, furniture, and surgical instruments. whichever surgical procedure success that is performed does not depend only

29 03, 2021

Why do you need to choose Skytron surgical tables?

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Skytron is a company committed to giving clinically superior equipment for our customers' health; due to its commitment is positioned as one of the best within the health care market. Because of this, Skytron surgical tables are designed to manage the challenges of today’s Healthcare world. Increase efficiency and reduce costs, ensuring low expenses through

26 03, 2021

The importance of using the right surgical table

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Surgical tables are a crucial component within surgical procedures; as the correct positioning of the patient, which is conditioned by both the type of procedure and vital functions such as breathing and circulation, depend on this element. Besides, tables must protect the patient from vascular and nerve injuries, and muscle tension throughout the body. Therefore,

19 03, 2021

Why should you use a general-purpose operating table?

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Operating tables are essential in any OR, because patients' stability and comfort depend on them in any procedure. Therefore, they must be stable, well-padded and have an electro-hydraulic base.  Nevertheless, not all operating tables are alike, as they are not all suitable for every posture. This is why tables must meet certain requirements, depending on

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