Surgery Lights

31 03, 2021

Why is lighting in a surgery room important?

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Lighting is an elemental necessity for the operation of surgical areas and the success of the procedures performed there. Therefore, it must have the optimal conditions to carry out the corresponding tasks and contribute to a comfortable atmosphere for patients while guaranteeing efficiency in energy consumption. The lighting in a surgery room is made up

31 03, 2021

What should be considered for the use of surgical lights in operating rooms?

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Surgical success is something that does not depend 100% on the human factor since several basic structural conditions can influence this process. One of those exigencies is the surgeon's illumination requirements within the operative field, as good illumination intensity, uniformity,  light color, and the reproduction color fulfilled at minimum thermal irradiation of the light source.

19 03, 2021

The usefulness of surgical lighting in (operating rooms) ORs

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Lighting is fundamental in surgical procedures, because it is a condition for surgeons' precision and reach during these procedures. Therefore, surgical lighting is an essential necessary item in ORs. These lamps illuminate a surgical area to provide an optimal view because they are high performance and eliminate possible visual obstructions which may be perceived during

11 03, 2021

Why are Clean Room Lamps Important in Operating Rooms?

By |2021-03-11T13:56:53+00:00March 11th, 2021|Surgery Lights|

Operating Rooms are some of the most delicate spaces within hospitals; rigorous procedures are carried out in them, making them prone to infections which can put the lives of patients and medical personnel at risk. That is why the design of operating rooms must meet various standards so as to order to ensure infrastructure quality

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