Isolated Power Systems are fundamental for hospital operations because the functioning and constant surveillance of vital equipment, which are powered by electricity, depend on them.

These systems allow the feeding of electric power without a physical grounding which helps to reduce risks in case there is an electric discharge affecting a patient or hospital personnel. At the same time, they guarantee and maintain an uninterrupted power supply. 

The maintenance of these systems must be regular and performed by experts who are knowledgeable in all the aspects of isolated power systems, including installation, isolation monitor tests, problem solving and repairs.

For maintenance to be successful, it is necessary for the maintenance technician to be certified to inspect and carefully test the isolated power equipment while it is operating, as it is the only way to prevent future damages.

What are the benefits of conducting isolated power system maintenance?

  • To verify that the installation is correct guaranteeing a safe useful life without any problems.
  • To identify potential operating problems which may interfere with the use of the operating room.
  • To provide documentation of test results as evidence for agency audits.

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